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Creating XML sitemaps for your website can help search engines to index more pages faster.

On this page you will find various links to resources which will help you understand all the details about XML sitemaps and how to create them.

Some of the linked resources will be to tutorials using A1 Sitemap Generator which is a tool we have created. It runs on Windows and comes with a fully functional 30 days trial period, so you can learn to use it and create sitemaps for your websites before buying.

To get started, download the program now:

Get it from CNET!

General Information About XML Sitemaps Protocol

Here is a collection of articles containing general information about XML sitemaps.
General summary of what sitemaps are.
The official specification/protocol for XML sitemaps.
All sitemaps formats explained including code examples. Explains the differences between RSS feeds, ROR files and XML sitemaps.
Help page by Google about video sitemaps - an XML sitemaps extension.
Help page by Google about image sitemaps - an XML sitemaps extension.

A1 Sitemap Generator Tutorials

Tutorials specific on how to use our sitemapping software to create various kinds of XML sitemaps:
Tutorial on how to create standard XML sitemaps.
Tutorial on how to create video sitemaps.
Tutorial on how to create image sitemaps.

Get Help With XML Sitemaps and Related Webmaster Problems

Webmaster forums where you can ask for help incase you run into problems:

A1 Sitemap Generator
Forum at WebHelpForums for helpping webmasters specificly on how to use A1 Sitemap Generator.

Website Crawling and Indexing
Forum at WebHelpForums for general webmaster help on website crawling, indexing and sitemaps. div> is only one of our webmaster related websites

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